Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cnet is STILL Distributing Kazaa File Sharing devices (Software) to this day

Cnet is still distributing a revised version of Kazaa. This is the Fan Revived version named Kazaa Lite Resurrection, a nearly identical device (software) notorious for MP3 Music Piracy Software

(I argue that Cnet Promoted and induced Kazaa's Use as a Music Piracy tool in the link below)

Kazaa Lite Resurrection is a fully functional version of the Original Kazaa Software without the Spyware and Adware incorporated into the original, which Cnet Downloads had distributed to over 350 Million individual users. As you can see below from a screen cap taken in May 2010, the software is readily available from Cnet and is being frequently downloaded. This is NOT related to the modern, Legal Music Kazaa site.


Click on the images to enlarge greatly. Below you will find an actual listing on Cnet screen Captured image from Jan 9, 2005 Showing the Kazaa add on software Kazaap 3.6

The same program is still available for free download today as evidenced below. Kazaap 3.6 however, the DOWNLOAD totals are obviously FAR LOWER, by substantially over half a million, from the previously shown Jan 9, 2005 Software listing. Why were the software totals massively reduced on a number of similar titles? More evidence to support my argument is included within this blog.

Click on Image to Enlarge. Another add-on to improve functionality to Original Kazaa. Available Today on Cnet Downloads.

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Following Description Courtesy of and Copyright under CC from Wikipedia;
Kazaa Lite was an unauthorized modification of the Kazaa Media Desktop application which excluded adware and spyware and provided slightly extended functionality. It became available in April 2002. It was available free of charge, and as of mid-2005 was almost as widely used as the official Kazaa client itself. It connected to the same FastTrack network and thus allowed to exchange files with all Kazaa users, and was created by third party programmers by modifying the binary of the original Kazaa application. Later versions of Kazaa Lite included K++, a memory patcher that removed search limit restrictions, and set one's "participation level" to the maximum of 1000. Sharman Networks considers Kazaa Lite to be a copyright violation.

After development of Kazaa Lite stopped, K-Lite v2.6, Kazaa Lite Resurrection and Kazaa Lite Tools appeared. Unlike Kazaa Lite, which is a modification of an old version of Kazaa, K-Lite v2.6 and later require the corresponding original KMD executable to run. K-Lite doesn't include any code by Sharman: instead, it runs the user's original Kazaa Media Desktop executable in an environment which removes the malware, spyware and adware and adds features. In November 2004, the developers of K-Lite released K-Lite v2.7, which similarly requires the KMD 2.7 executable.

Currently, other clean variants use an older core (2.02) and thus, K-Lite had some features that others didn't have. K-Lite included multiple search tabs, a custom toolbar, and autostart, a download accelerator, an optional splash screen, preview with option (to view files you are currently downloading), an IP blocker, Magnet links support, and ad blocking, although the clients based on the 2.02 core abstract these functions to third-party programs.

Kazaa Lite Tools was an update of the original Kazaa Lite, with modifications to the third-party programs included, it is newer and includes more tools.

Kazaa Lite Resurrection (KLR) appeared almost immediately after Kazaa Lite development was stopped in August 2003. KLR was a copy of Kazaa Lite 2.3.3.

Another Add-on to Kazaa, Kazaa Donkey, still available today on Cnet and is shown to be downloaded even this week. Please see evidence in the screen capture below

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When the RAII began to file Copyright Infringement cases against Kazaa Users, This handy little Program began to be distributed to Kazaa Users by Cnet. This program used to shield users is still being offered by Cnet today as evidenced by the Screen Capture and Link below.

Next, another Kazaa Download being distributed by Cnet to this day to improve the functionality of the Original Kazaa. This program is FOR SALE for $9.99. These add on programs offer improved functionality to the "Kazaa Lite Resurrection" program.

An additional Kazaa Software Add-on to improve functionality is still available on Cnet as can be viewed by clicking the link or in the screen capture below the link. You can plainly see the software is still being downloaded to this day.

Kazaa's History has shown it to be a File Sharing System widely promoted to encourage illegal file sharing of MP3 songs. This has been well known to Cnet as Evidenced by the Article below. Yet Cnet distributes a suitable copy of Kazaa with Add-ons until this day. The Kazaa Lite Resurrection was Updated in 2007, 2 years after the Article published on below.

Cnet persists in distributing software devices that work with and/or search files from former devices known to be used primarily for copyright infringement. As evidenced below, a p2p filesharing device known as Sigster that is being offered today on Cnet that advertises it's compatibility with Kazaa. As an Interesting Note. The Screen Shot sample OFFERED by Cnet shows the copyrighted Video Game "Mad Dog McCree" as the search result.

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