Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Homepages of Notorious File Sharing Sites, Vintage Screen Shots showing Cnet Embedded buttons for Downloading the Software

How tight was Cnet Downloads AND these P2P File Sharing Companies?? The Official Cnet Downloads button was embedded on MANY of the Notorious Sites Landing Page! Sometimes there was only a plain button download link, as was on Limewire up until May 13, 2010 that brought the prospective downloader directly to Cnet Downloads.

Cnet Downloads EMBEDDED button on Grokster 5/27/2002 ( Click ANY Image to Enlarge)

Cnet Downloads EMBEDDED Button on Imesh 1/25/2002

Cnet Downloads EMBEDDED Button TODAY on BitComet Landing Page (77 MILLION Downloads!)

Cnet Downloads Button on Qtrax Max Homepage 1/25/2002

Cnet Downloads EMBEDDED Button Homepage of Bearshare 3/27/2002

Cnet Downloads Button embedded on Limewire in this Vintage Screen cap from 6/2/2001

Cnet Direct Link in the Morpheus Site. (See Following Image) Both Screen caps from 10/2002

When the would be downloader clicked the Download Button on the Morpheus Homepage shown above, the link took you RIGHT HERE to Cnet! NOTICE 100 Million Downloads, and that's just up to the screen cap date of 10/2002

Cnet Downloads embedded button on the Blubster Homepage 9/23/2001

Cnet Downloads Kazaa Download Button on the Kazaa Front Page

I will upload dozens of these vintage Images like these for Bearshare, Imesh, Morpheus, Grokster, and more. ( Well before the Settlements and Judges Orders). I just need the time. The download totals from Cnets own servers must WELL EXCEED over 1 BILLION downloads of P2P file Sharing software.