Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ZDnet describes and Teaches a workaround to a Federal Court Injunction against Napster

Click on Image below to Enlarge. Screen Capture from 8/15/2000
In the "Fair Use"actual screen capture exhibits in this posting, you will be ASTONISHED to discover ZDnet explaining a way to circumvent a judges temporary Injunction against the operation of Napster. Although Napster is legally shut down a simple download of "Napigator" and our simple work-around tutorial and you'll be up and running in no time. Cnet and ZDnet have shown a longstanding commitment to thwarting legal action against File Sharing services and recommending the best alternative services to use as legal action continues to shut them down.

Another Screen Cap, ( Click on Image to Enlarge) from Cnet pointing to the Napigator Tutorial. Screen cap on 10/19/2000

Click on the Image to Enlarge, ZDnet Page 12/3/2000

Click ANY image to Enlarge ZDnet 12/3/2000

Zdnet page 12/3/2000 date od Screen Cap

ZDnet is now part of Cnet. Cnet has offered a version of Napigator on it's site continually until today for download. ZDnet and Cnet recommended this software as being suitable for using Napster after the Courts ruled against Napster. The Napigator program is STILL being regularly Downloaded to this day on Cnet. This is why I argue that Cnet is still liable for third party infringement by Napster Users since Napster was first offered for Download from sometime in late 1999. I argue that the encouragement for using the Napster devices for copyright infringing purposes exists to this day, and that electronic copyright laws establish a 5 year statute of limitations from the last in a connected series of infringing activities.

ZDnet 10 19 2000 Date of Screen Cap