Monday, November 29, 2010

New Revelations to Come

To all 350,000 Loyal YouTube Fans!

This Blog is dedicated to Truth and Fairness. Before I created YouTube videos to widely publicize this information, I spoke to industry leaders. I am not a Lawyer so I cannot recommend or advise anyone regarding legal issues. However, I am allowed to share my opinions publicly.

Why am I Investigating this? In the Viacom vs YouTube copyright Infringement Legal Action, YouTube was ruled to be Innocent of wrongdoing in the eyes of a Judge, however, Viacom (Sumner Redstone owned and controlled company) has publicly stated that they are "CONFIDENT" that they will prevail on the appeal that they have filed.

This report looks into Sumner Redstone's CNET company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of his vast media empire!

PLEASE Watch my Video outlining Viacom's practices on it's own Video Sharing site, ifilm/ Viacom was engaged in EXACTLY the same practices that THEY Claimed YouTube was doing since BEFORE YouTube existed! Viacom apparently can Steal all it wants and get away with it! EXCEPT Viacom placed advertising around Pirated Content! Viacom inserted PRE-ROLL Advertising in the video streams of Pirated Content. YouTube never did that.

I have approached the creation of this blog as an investigative journalist effort. All Materials presented here are FAIR USE!

This Blog is an ongoing News Report. I have substantial Unpublished Screen Captures and Videos from CNET regarding the issues reported in this blog for future posting.

All material Published here is "FAIR USE" as use in News Reporting. CNET has published YouTube documents on a regular basis as News Reporting, which is their right as Journalists. I have the same right within this blog. ANY attempt to claim otherwise will be widely spread throughout the YouTube community.

Do I believe that the Reviews and Videos published by CNET encouraging the use of copyright infringing P2P File Sharing Software are covered under first Amendment freedom of speech protections?

Of Course, if the software being reported was not stored and offered directly from CNET's own servers.

CNET published editorial articles and videos for years promoting the various p2p file sharing software had live links to download the software from CNET's own servers. These additional page views brought increased Web Traffic, and advertising revenue. Also, Deluxe versions of Kazaa, Morpheus, and the like were available for purchase directly from CNET.

ANY Criticism of my research by CNET must answer this following question;
Did CNET earn ANY income from any of these sales of P2P File Sharing Software Downloads?

Sumner Redstone is the Chairman of the Board sitting over CNET. Sumner Redstone has spoken publically for years warning of online piracy evils.

Was Sumner Redstone in full knowledge of this CNET background and allowed these actions ( Promoting and Distributing File Sharing Software for copyright infringing uses) to foster an environment of "Internet Piracy Paranoia".

Sumner Redstone's companies are among the Strongest Advocates of Stopping Online Piracy, spending untold millions on Lobbyists to strengthen laws to stop P2P File Sharing Networks.

My Conclusion? The Internet Piracy Phenomenon was fueled in large part, by the distribution of the P2P software by CNET.

P2P software DOES have substantial Non-Copyright Infringing uses, however, my evidence shows that CNET often promoted and demonstrated the use of P2P file sharing for illegally stealing Copyrighted works.

Would gun sellers enjoy "Freedom of Press" protections if they offered catalogs demonstrating the ease of use of the Handguns being Sold for engaging in criminal activities such as robbing stores or banks. Then offering Solutions to specifically cover up your crime.

CNET provided the "Guns", the P2P Software, and the encouragement to commit "Robbery", here, the online file sharing of known copyrighted works.