Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Blog is 100% FAIR USE Material.

ALL of this information on this Blog is FAIR USE Material.

We will certainly fight in Court for our FAIR USE right to expose this information in this News Reporting Manner.

All of the Fair Use Material is also used for Commentary and Teaching Purposes.

This Blog contains NO ADVERTISING.

The supplied Links in these blog postings to CNET / ZDNET now go to pages which have been altered from the original posting dates. The screen caps in many cases show the reader the original Content.

I am NOT A LAWYER, All writing herein is solely my opinion, nothing more, presented so that THE READER may draw his or her own conclusions.

I, in NO WAY attack File Sharing here, as the software itself, is Legal per se, HOWEVER I show that CNET division of CBS Interactive openly promoted it's use to Pirate Music and Software with instruction Guidance and Tests Results charts.

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Mike Mozart