Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cnet Software to Download YouTube Videos has an interesting history promoting MANY software downloads for stealing copyrighted videos from the YouTube site to a user's harddrive. This is constantly shown in screen shots and video demonstrations.

Of GREAT INTEREST is the one of the Earliest Video Downloaders offered on Cnet. The Editors review ADMITS that "Many Video site owners OBSCURE the links to PREVENT Downloading". But hell, that's okay, we'll recommend this software to STEAL the Video content in spite of their best efforts! This software is available on Cnet TODAY with several dozen MORE with similar videos stealing intentions! I have untold quanties of Similar screen caps as evidence of these offerings.

Click on ANY image to Enlarge!

As evidenced by the following screen caps from Cnet, over an ASTONISHING 40 MILLION of these software devices have been distributed by their own servers. Gee, I guess copyright protection ONLY exists for the big corporations not little YouTube Users. Any YouTube user can download HIS or HER own videos back down from YouTube in just about any format they wish. YouTube Partner Videos are available for download for $1.00 each. Or free because Sumner Redstone wants it that way. (I personally allow MY viewers and fans to download MY YouTube videos for their personal enjoyment).

I must mention the FEATURES that the some of the downloaders have AND Cnet reviewers have actually mentioned are particularly interesting, to strip out the music and save it as an Mp3 file. The Postings actual mention, there are LOTS of Official Music Videos on YouTube.