Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cnet and ZDnet Web Sites have Statistics Differing from Historical Record.

Kool Music 1.3 is still available on Cnet HOWEVER with far fewer Downloads. The first screen cap from March 2 2005 Clearly shows over 40,000 downloads.

This seems to be the Identical software listing for KoolMusic 1.3 on Cnet today. However, the posting date now is one day earlier and has 46,000 + fewer downloads.

Napigator has been downloaded from Cnet at least 2.5 Million Times, yet the current cnet offering of Napigator from 3/22/2002 says 509 Downloads?!? I'll add vintage screen cap evidence shortly.

Screen Cap of Napigator on Cnet 12/17/2002 , This version of Napigator, just up to the date of this screen cap is over 1,000,000