Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cnet Tutorial to Start Using Napster. "Requires, what some might call, a Lack of Morals" but explains the Law ONLY Punishes uploaders NOT Downloaders

Screen Captures from 12/9/2000

Tutorial from Cnet entitled "Use Napster Effectively"

The unidentified writer explains that to use Napster requires a "What some might call a Complete Lack of Morals" yet goes on to finish the Tutorial. It must be noticed the Legal Advice given to the "Paranoid" is not to share files as the law punishes uploaders rather than downloaders.

Cnet Insider Column 5/8/2000 (Click image to Enlarge) The Senior Editor of Cnet Music responds to Metallic's accusation that College Students are robbing them by downloading their copyrighted songs for free. He responds "Which they are". Yet Cnet continued to offer and promote Napster.