Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Judge Ruled Against LIMEWIRE Today For Copyright Infringement. CBS/Cnet Distributed a LARGE Proportion of the Software!!

How connected are CBS/Cnet and Limewire? Watch this video to see the close connection they enjoy today. This is just the start of a ten year long association. These are ALL FAIR USE IMAGES!

:::NOTICE::: The functionality demonstrated in this Fair Use Video was JUST CHANGED to "Paid Only" downloads!::::::

The Music Companies that spoke to me this past week were SHOCKED at the revelation. I sent out links to several dozen key people in advance of the blog going public.

This close association was not just LimeWire! The same was true for MANY of the early NOTORIOUS music piracy sharing versions of Bearshare, Scour, Morpheus, Qtrax Max and Grokster. They ALL had direct links from their homepages directly to Cnet's downloads!!

IMAGE BELOW: Fair Use Screen Cap from 6/2/2001, NOTICE the Cnet download button on the Limewire homepage! If you go to right now, Click the "Free Download" button and you go directly to Cnet's Limewire software download page! ( This has JUST CHANGED as noted above)

Cnet is a Division of CBS Interactive, owned in turn by CBS, Owned in Large Part and Controlled by Sumner Redstone, Yes, the same Sumner Redstone of Viacom.

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In the Court Ruling of Limewire, the ruling states;

The judge found LimeWire and its founder and Chairman Mark Gorton personally liable for infringement, saying in the ruling that "an individual, including a corporate officer, who has the ability to supervise infringing activity and has a financial interest in that activity, or who personally participates in that activity is personally liable for infringement,"


In this Fair Use Screen Cap of the Cnet Downloads Limewire Page from 2/7/2005, Did Cnet receive any agent's commission on these "Paid" upgrades on Limewire Paid Downloads or from any of a number of the file sharing devices that were ruled to induce Music and Media Piracy?

Similar paid versions of MANY of the P2P File Sharing Services.

A video on Cnet's own site TODAY promoting Limewire software begins by demonstrating the adjustable copyright filter, (in the default OFF postion). This was a key element in the recent judges decision to find Limewire guilty of massive copyright infringment. Of course, during the newest short Cnet promotional Limewire video, the camera flashes across the screen showing copyrighted music selections available on Limewire. I show evidence throughout these blog postings that Cnet has had a history of showing copyrighted works as samples in demonstrating these file-sharing devices.

You can see;
Mary J. Blige "Real Love"
Lou Bega "Mambo Number 5"
Marc Antony "Por Tu Amor"
Alanis Morrisette "Ironic"
Fergie Feat. Ludicrous "Glamorous"
Madonna "Like a Prayer"
And others. This is in the featured in a Cnet "How to Use Limewire Tutorial"

I will NOT post the Actual video here in spite of it's fair use, commentary value, but the direct link IS below. The demonstrator actually states, as fact, that "Most file sharing is illegal, most, but not all" Then uses a search of "Bugs Bunny" "Elmer Fudd" as Public Domain Search Samples. VERY little Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny material is actually in the public domain. The Bugs Bunny cartoon that was downloaded as a sample clearly shows a LATER Merrie Melodies opening from a later Warner Bros. Cartoon too that likely still IS copyrighted.

Cnet Article Promoting Limewire as best choice alternative to Napster to download music to your hearts content.

RECENT Cnet Editor's Review and offering of Software to protect you from Copyright infringing lawsuits with LIMEWIRE used as the example

The Article on Cnet TODAY

May 14, 2010 Cnet Article "Legal Experts-Limewire likely doomed"
"While Wood's decision won't come close to killing online piracy-there's still BitTorrent and plenty of other ways to share files".....

The actual writer states that this decision won't kill online piracy, there is still BitTorrent!! WOW an admission of knowledge that BitTorrent is used for Piracy AND Cnet continues to distribute the "Device" or software with knowledge that the software is used for piracy. "BitTorrent" has been downloaded FROM Cnet an astonishing 16 Million Times! Part of the test to determine third party copyright infringement liablity is "Knowledge" of the software being used for infringing purposes by third party users to whom the devices or "Software" are distributed.

Fair Use Evidence, Screen Cap from 1st week of May from to prove download totals, BitTorrent 16 MILLION Downloads! BitComet with is a "BitTorrent" device was downloaded directly from Cnet's own servers an ASTONISHING 77 MILLION times! ( Click on Image to Enlarge)

OPPS! Oh, yes. ( Fair Use Screen Cap) I must mention the Cnet's Official Download button on BitComet's Homepage! ( Click to Enlarge)

Read this INTERESTING Letter to the Cnet editor's in 2007 regarding a 15 year old girl using "LimeWire" to download the Copyrighted Software "Dreamweaver" and the Anime Classic Movie "Teen Drama Queen".

( She also mentions downloading the newest "Harry Potter Book as well from Bittorrent and BitComet). Unbelievable Response from CNET Editor's regarding her troubles.